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Legacy Academic Awards – University of Liberia

The University of Liberia is the second oldest institution of higher education in West Africa. Throughout its rich history, it has committed it resources to develop leaders in Liberia. Today, it continues to energize young minds to take the lead in the re-building and advancement of Liberia and her people.

2016 Dr. Dennis and Mien P. Mombo III at the University of Liberia, West Africa.

The Legacy Academic Awards increase higher education access and professional development for low income but highly motivated students at the University of Liberia, in Monrovia Liberia.

Today, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professionals serve in vital roles by helping to meet and overcome challenges all around the world, particularly in undeveloped countries like Liberia, West Africa.

Challenges include:

  • Lack of clean water
  • Food security
  • Quality Healthcare
  • Understanding of chronic and preventable diseases
  • Reliable energy production and supplies
  • Infrastructure development
  • Readily access to life changing information

All awards are unique and may have different requirements. However, most awards are geared towards the most needed current and emerging professions that drive the economy.