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  • Trenton, New Jersey

About LIFE

Our Mission: To enhance the quality of life for youth and families by increasing their access to educational resources.


LIFE engages in partnerships and collaborative efforts that:

  • Work to increase access to post-secondary educational institutions.
  • Promote higher education pursuits and cultural pride.
  • Increase awareness and prevention of preventable health conditions affecting children and families living in disadvantaged communities.
  • Foster academic preparation for careers in demand (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.) and related education programs.
  • Provide support for challenges that impede mental and physical well-being.
  • Recommend policies and procedures that promote mentoring, academic success, celebration of heritage and career development for aspiring STEM professionals.

Enriching the lives of young people, families and communities drives the mission of the Legacy International Foundation for Education (LIFE).

We endeavor to elevate the quality of life for at-risk youth and families living in low income, under-resourced and underdeveloped communities. LIFE promotes, develops and implements activities that guide participants in their academic pursuits, achievements, enrichment and persistence.

We champion post-secondary education attainment, career development and civic responsibility. LIFE accomplishes its goals through collaborative approaches, partnerships and strategic planning; maximizing on collaborations with like-minded individuals, groups, organizations and businesses.

Amongst others, we aim to empower young people to become leaders within their communities and take on initiatives that create social impacts. While we are focused on our communities, we extend our reaches statewide and globally; striving to enrich at-risk youths and families in Trenton, New Jersey and Liberia, West Africa.

Join us in providing supportive environments; motivating and challenging young people to excel academically, socially, and professionally.